LMT Mercer Group, Inc was formed in 1987 and supplies the vinyl and wood composite fence and deck industry with high quality component parts.  

Today, LMT is the largest manufacturer of vinyl fence, deck and railing accessories in the US and Canada, offering more than 950 products from which to choose.  We manufacture a broad range of products designed to meet the needs of a diverse and demanding customer base, introducing at least 20 new products each year. 

Headquartered in Lawrenceville NJ, we operate manufacturing plants in New Jersey and Ohio, with distribution centers in New Jersey, Ohio and Reno, NV.

LMT uses automatic high-cavitation tooling to sustain its competitive edge. LMT operates 33 state-of-the-art injection molding machines equipped with servo-robotics and nitrogen gas-assist capabilities. Machine sizes range from 60 to 1,000 tons.

Dedicated Customer Service and Sales teams ensure that customers receive individual attention and care throughout the
order process.

The Mission of LMT Mercer Group, Inc. is to be the industry leader in the manufacturing of vinyl caps, accessories and kit products. We will accomplish this by setting the benchmark for quality, customer service and competitive pricing.

LMT Mercer Group, Inc. will also set the pace for new innovations by employing the industry’s best. We will be creative not only with the development of new products, but with manufacturing, distribution and sales. We will use all resources available to us in order to make our customers the most competitive they can be, since we are not only their vendor but also their partner.

Customer-Focused Partnership

 New product molds are designed and developed based primarily on ideas from our customers. As a company, LMT prides itself in listening to customer feedback and implementing their innovations.

What Sets LMT Mercer Group, Inc. Apart from the Competition?

• LMT manufactures products in the USA (except for solar lights).

• We offer a lifetime warranty on every product

   manufactured in the USA.

• We use only prime grade, certifiable virgin vinyl  
   resin, which means you can depend on the

   strength and durability of the product.

• Custom blended wood composite 
   products available to meet custom 

• We do not mix our vinyl with other
   inferior products.

• We use UV inhibitors to stop
   yellowing and fading.

• Our in-house tooling capabilities and 
   engineering services are available to
   assist you with your individual needs.

• We offer AC174 compliant handrail   

• Thick, professional grade vinyl
   means that our garden products will   
   never warp, dent, shrink, chip or crack.

• Our outstanding Customer Service team
   follows up on every order.

• Our experienced Sales Team ensures that all    
   of your needs are met.


Pennington, NJ Manufacturing & Distribution Center

Hartville, Ohio Manufacturing & Distribution Center


Reno, NV Distribution Center


Custom Mold-Making Capabilities

LMT’s sister company, Lawrence Mold and Tool Corporation www.lawrencemoldtool.com, was originally established in 1972 as a custom mold-making facility by Ukrainian-born George Lesenskyj Sr. located in Trenton, NJ, the company quickly grew with a philosophy of honesty, hard work and dedication.

Specializing in building multi-cavity plastic injection tooling, Lawrence Mold and Tool Corp. builds close to 100 new molds per year for a variety of industries. They have created molds for everything from hard hats to baby bottles.

As one of their largest customers, LMT Mercer Group, Inc. has the competitive advantage of an innovative, flexible and customer-focused partnership.  

Leaders in Innovation

LMT Mercer Group, Inc. prides itself in setting the pace for new innovations and products. Lawrence Mold and Tool Corp. has the ability to support this pace by building tools that ensure LMT is always on the leading edge of the industry.

Lawrence Mold and Tool Corp. builds a diverse assortment of molds, from small, single-cavity prototypes to 64-cavity, high-production molds. Their experience allows them to create molds for a variety of materials used by our customers, such as PVC, Polyethylene and Polycarbonate.

The relationship between these companies allows LMT the ability to create any mold requested. It also ensures that customers receive quality product at competitive prices.

This relationship allows LMT to keep up with code changes. We are able to make or modify existing parts quickly. We also have the ability to make proprietary parts for our customers, offering a way for them to distinguish their product offerings from the competition.

Color Policy

LMT Mercer Group, Inc. stocks standard White, LMT Almond, LMT Khaki and LMT Beige. We offer most of our accessories in these four colors that match various manufacturer’s extrusions, which are commonly known by the color names of “Khaki, Tan, Adobe and Beige.”

These products are in stock and offered in minimal box quantities for immediate shipment. There is a 10% up charge on LMT Almond, and a 15% up charge on LMT Khaki and LMT Beige for all products except Thermo-Formed Spindles. Thermo-Formed Spindles are a 20% up charge for LMT Almond, LMT Khaki and LMT Beige.

Other colors are special runs and most require a 2000 part minimum production run. There is a 20% up charge on custom color runs, unless otherwise noted. The lead times on special runs vary throughout the year as they are dependent on the seasonality.

For more information on colors or to order sample chips, please call Customer Service at 888-570-5252 ext. 74.

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