Custom Mold Making


LMT’s sister company, Lawrence Mold and Tool Corporation, was originally established in 1972 as a custom mold making facility by Ukrainian-born George Lesenskyj Sr. Located in Trenton, NJ, the company quickly grew with a philosophy of honesty, hard work and dedication.

Specializing in building multi-cavity plastic injection tooling, Lawrence Mold and Tool Corp. builds close to 100 new molds per year for a variety of operations. They have created molds for everything from hard hats to baby bottles.

As one of their largest customers, LMT Mercer Group Inc. has the competitive advantage of an innovative, flexible and customer-focused partnership. 

Leaders in Innovation
With more than 900 products from which to choose, LMT Mercer Group Inc. prides itself in setting the pace for new innovations and products. Lawrence Mold and Tool Corp. has the ability to support this pace by building tools that ensure LMT Mercer Group is always on the leading edge of the industry.

The relationship between the companies allows LMT the ability to create any mold requested. It also ensures that customers receive quality product at competitive prices because the molds are made in-house.

Lawrence Mold and Tool Corp. builds a diverse assortment of molds, from small, single-cavity prototypes to 64-cavity, high-production molds. Their experience allows them to create molds for a variety of materials used by our customers, such as PVC, Polyethelene and Polycarbonate.


Each mold is finished by stoning and polishing. This part of the mold making process is still done by hand and takes many hours to complete.

This relationship allows LMT to keep up with code changes. We are able to make or modify existing parts within a week.

We also have the ability to make proprietary parts for our customers, offering a way for them to distinguish their product offerings from the competition.

Flexibility is Key
Currently, Lawrence Mold & Tool Corp.’s tooling capabilities are at full capacity. Every year, they are adding new equipment and manpower in order to remain flexible to the demands of the industry.

LMT is fortunate in that we have a power house of a tool room supporting our growing product line. This allows LMT to maintain an edge over the competition by offering more new and unique products.

Flexibility is also about having the ability to adjust current mold designs. That may mean acting quickly on the changing f building code requirements, as well as adjusting to new customer specifications. Lawrence Mold & Tool Corp. also improves, maintains and repairs existing molds.  

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State-of-the-art equipment allows Lawrence Mold and Tool to perform a wide variety of projects.




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