Product Installation Instructions


Angle Wizard Stair 2" x 3.5" Rail Instr.

Angle Wizard Stair 3.5" x 2" Rail Instr.


Angle Wizard Stair Deluxe Rail Instr.


Angle Wizard Stair T-Rail Instr.

Angle Wizard Porch 2" x 3.5" Instr.


Angle Wizard Porch T-Rail Instr.


LED Underail Strip Light Instr.


Solar Cap w/ Accessory Connection Instr.


Dimmer for 12 W Transformer Instr.


3" Under Rail Light Instructions


LED Side Light Instructions


LED Post Cap Light Instructions


Harness and Splitters Instructions


LED Flush Mount Light Instructions


Dome Side Light Instructions


50W Transformer Control Instructions




12W LV Power Supply Instructions

Blu-Mount Installation Instructions

Steel Insert Instructions for Round Posts


Steel Insert Instructions for Square Posts


Modular Adapter Instructions

Wood Post Mount Installation Instr.

Structural Porch Post Installation Instr.


Foot Block Installation Instructions


Concrete Post Mount Installation Instr.


Heavy Duty Railing Bracket Inst. Instr.

3 Piece Bracket Installation Instr.

Round Column Installation Instr.

ADA Railing Installation Instr.

The Rook - Post Mount Adapter Inst. Instr.



Methods for Using the Mailbox Mount

Angle Wizard Post Mount Installation Instructions



Ormamental LED Side Light Installation Instructions


12V 50W Smart Transformer Control Instructions

12 Volt 50 Watt DC Smart Transformer

Smart Power 50 iPhone Pairing Instructions

Smart Power 50 Android Pairing Instructions

Smart Power 50 App iPhone User Guide


Smart Power 50 App Android User Guide

Aluminum ADA Handrail Instructions  
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